Actions towards improving lives every day

For many years, our mission has been to “create a better life for many people on a daily basis”. Together we have been forming virtual and physical meeting spots where people can be together, discover their needs and cooperate with each other.

Through our actions, we wish not only to be the shopping centres but also entities that play an important role in the life of local communities. At present, in the times of crisis related to the epidemics of coronavirus we have not been passive but rather actively joined in bringing support to those in need. So far our help has reached 3.5 thousand persons!

What have we done so far?


We have handed 6.5 thousand meals and food products to medics from sanitary services and hospitals.


Almost 3000 children – hospital patients, charges of the Wrocław foundations and the youngest persons experiencing crisis or violence have obtained material and psychological support from us.


300 lonely seniors from our neighbourhood obtained 5 thousand food products and first need products for their daily functioning in the difficult times of isolation.

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Our campaigns
We are conscious that children - especially those in a difficult family situation - are a group exposed to the increased long-term impact of the pandemics. Long-term social isolation, loss of work in the family, intensification of violent actions or reorganization of education are just some of the challenges that need to be dealt with by the youngest of us. Therefore, we want to undertake long-term actions targeted at improving the psychological and emotional conditions of children during the pandemics as well as once it is officially announced that the pandemics has been defeated.
The initiative #POMAGAMYRAZEM is a part of a wider promotional campaign carried out by Ingka Centres and IKEA towards health protection and ensuring means necessary for life to persons affected by the pandemics.