Online education is quite a challenge. Why?

PISA, Poland coronavirus education country note
PISA, The problem of digital exclusion in remote education. Expertise.
PISA, The problem of digital exclusion in remote education. Expertise. Zdalna edukacja - gdzie byliśmy, dokąd idziemy?

Fit-remote pupil – Christmas social campaign of Aleja Bielany and Radio Wrocław for the gifted pupils!

We appreciate and understand your daily efforts, that is why each day, from 6 to 23 December we will grant modern learning equipment to the gifted children from the Lower Silesia. In total, 20 tablets meeting the requirements of online education will be distributed to the families from the Lower Silesia.

Moreover, discussions with experts, school representatives and parents on air of Radio Wrocław about challenges related to online education but also about the possibilities of expanding knowledge and developing passions among the pupils will be held.

As Aleja Bielany, through our actions to support the local community, we wish to help the youngest ones in the current but also long-term future perspective both practical and emotional.

The currently ongoing reorganization of education, the new form of conducting classes as well as the permanent uncertainty related to the epidemiological situation is a substantial psychological burden for the children. In addition, the accompanying lack of equipment and tools for online learning makes the educational process really hard.

Therefore, we are delighted that we can partner the campaign of Radio Wrocław and support the fight with digital exclusion but, above all, that we can give the gifted pupils a chance to expand their knowledge and develop their passions. Find out more on


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