Did you take your family with you to Aleja Bielany? Park right in front of the entrance and collect an identification armband for your child from our info point. Are you looking for a place to do some work? Feel free to use our co-working zone and, if necessary, use our copy machine. Are you eco-friendly? You can charge your electric car with us or use the nearby urban bike station. And on a rainy day - rent an umbrella. Make sure you do use those and other free of charge amenities that Aleja Bielany can offer. And remember  – we are at your service!


transport / access


By Aleja Bielany, near the middle entrance, there is a station of the Wrocław Urban Bikes. First 20 minutes of ridding are free of charge for all interested users!


For your comfort, a direct bus line may be used to reach the facility from the city centre. The cost of a one-way ride is PLN 1,50.


There is a charging station for electric cars on the ground parking. Several simple steps are all it takes to charge a vehicle.


For parents visiting the Shopping Centre with their littles ones we have prepared broad, comfortable parking spots located right next to the entrances to the gallery, both on the ground and underground parking.


For all our clients we have created a repair point of bikes where you can regulate your bike or inflate its tyres on your own. It is located near the middle entrance to the building.


A large ground and underground parking, free of charge, remains at your disposal. The total number of available parking spaces is 4,700.


Aleja Bielany ensures spots designated for persons with disabilities, marked in blue. These places may also be found at the entrance doors to the building, as well as on its ground and underground parking.



In order to ensure the safety of our Clients in the area of Aleja Bielany, we have created a first aid pre-medical care room. The room is equipped, among others, in defibrillators which, if needed, will be used by the specially trained personnel of the centre.


In Aleja Bielany, during working hours of the gallery we have hired a medical rescuer.


Our Shopping Centre is in possession of an AED defibrillator that, if necessary, will be used by our trained medical rescue employee.


Safety of the Shopping Centre Aleja Bielany is looked after by our trained personnel.



In our shopping centre there is a possibility of copying missing or broken keys. The service point is located next to TESCO cash registers.


With us, you can get your clothes chemically washed.


In the area of the Centre one may find cash registers located both on the 0 level as well as on the +1 level (next to the restaurant zone).


Super-Pharm store is located on the ground level of the centre, right beside the Empik store.


A one and only relaxation zone has been launched on level 1 of Aleja Bielany, where clients may relax surrounded by greenery and charge their batteries before continuing their shopping.


Aleja Bielany, for the comfort of our clients, has launched a closed, specially ventilated smoking room. It is located by the bridge near the restaurant zone on level 1.


Within the area of the whole Aleja Bielany free Wi-Fi access is provided. You may use it while shopping, taking a coffee break or relaxing in our relaxation zone in the course of work within the available Co-working zone.


Our Shopping Centre was designed in such a way, so that anyone can move freely around it. Escalators installed within the area of the building are designated to assist the clients. They are automatically launched when a client approaches them.


Our fan page contains a great deal of information regarding current events and promotions in place at Aleja Bielany as well as many contests that accompany them, in which some precious prizes may be won


In Aleja Bielany, after successful shopping one may use the service of a shoemaker who will help you stretch out the newly bought shoes or fix your favourite old pair of shoes. The service point is located next to TESCO cash registers.


Post office is located on the 0 floor opposite the TESCO line of cash registers.


InPost parcel station is located upon the entrance to the Centre, next to Empik store.


In the effort to make it easier for you to search for shops at our centre we have placed electronic, interactive maps inside it. They will help you locate the shop you're looking for by its name or category of products it offers.


If a visit at our centre is combined with the need to work or meet a business partner - we invite everyone to visit our Co-Working zone, where you will find areas with comfortable desks, access to the printer and possibility of connecting a laptop.


For your comfort we have created a place to relax in our centre. Pouffes on which one may sit are located on level 0 and level 1.

Our guests may avail of 6 elevators moving between level 1 and the underground parking. The elevators are located by the orange and green entrance to Aleja Bielany as well as in the blue zone.

With the thought of the comfort of the disabled we have created a special elevator which reaches level +2 of our Shopping Centre, thus, Helios cinema.


Our info point, located in the orange zone by the middle entrance to Aleja Bielany on the ground floor provides the following information::
information about the shops,
scanning and printing of documents,
ordering a taxi,
- renting a pushchair or au umbrella,
- information about time schedules of buses,
- obtaining an identification hand band for a child,
- obtaining first aid.