Hey there, can we have a word with you for a moment.

Surely you are often too busy dealing with your daily routines to find time to stop for a moment and take a look around. It's the same with us. However, this matter might just need for us to stop for a moment and get involved as it's about something really important - nature!

Every day you get a chance to do something good for the planet. And it does not have to be anything heroic. It might be about some ordinary decisions you and I have to make each day anyway. What is it all about? For instance, taking a material bag with you before you go shopping, giving up on plastic straws or turning the tap off when washing your teeth. Are you convinced it does not matter and that you cannot change the world by yourself? Well, image this: more than 640,000 inhabitants of Wrocław give up on just one plastic bag before shopping each day for 365 days. Impressive, right? It is indeed a calculable effects that you will be able to notice. Why? As small gestures mean a lot as long as they are consistently performed and have an impact on others. We want to show you that together we are better and we really can have an impact on what will happen to nature.

We do however realize that unique topics require unique solutions, therefore, we will not scare you off with data or with quoting the world experts. We prefer inspiring you and waking up the eco-sensitivity in you that is surely somewhere there in each of us. Hence, we have prepared a remarkable exhibition thanks to which you will be able to find enough strength and motivation in yourself to start acting.

We have invited the best Polish illustrators to join us and they have helped us in turning classic window displays into unique tableaus. Marta Wójcik-Śmierska, Katarzyna Bogucka, Dawid Ryski, Przemek Liput and Łukasz Majerowski created dedicated works which refer to our daily habits in an exceptional way, showing us how they may impact our life in a positive way.

A large portion of good energy and art with a big A. Here are some slogans that summarize our graphics: Minimum waste, maximum joy; Keep calm, stop pouring water; Segregate waste, you will get a kick out of it; Plant corner? It warms the heart of our planet; Way to go! A sound mind in a sound world! But these are just words that cannot fully express what we have been preparing. You simply have to see it for yourself!

Visit our unique gallery. Come to Aleja Bielany and check out just what the Polish illustrators have done this time.

Are you into what the Earth needs? Segregate your waste!
Author: Przemek Liput

Can you play a green game? Keep on playing. It's worth it. Our planet is at stake! Check where you throw away your waste. Segregation is not a hard thing. It’s enough when you remember a couple of rules. Did you forget how it should be done? We can give you some tips! No excuses now.
• Blue colour - paper
• Green colour - glass
• Yellow colour - metal and plastic
• Brown colour - bio
• Black colour - mixed waste

Minimum waste, maximum joy
Author: Martyna Wójcik-Śmierska

Minimalism and zero waste attitude are two trends worth familiarizing with even today and nurturing going forward in order to maintain a long and happy relationship with them. Why? Because surely it is much easier to function if we are not surrounded by objects that distort our space and stand useless. We can also guarantee that giving the second life to old items can bring loads of fun. We are giving you some tips on how to do this:
• Surround yourself with only necessary items
• Use reusable packaging
• Fix old instead of buying new
• Give away the things and clothes you no longer use

Keep calm, stop pouring water
Author: Katarzyna Bogucka

Are you nervous when you see people who pour floods of words when talking to you instead of passing on precise information? The environment feels the same way but here you will also not get away with pouring water in vain! Every drop matters, therefore, take it easy and don't waste your energy for needless things. Act consciously and protect the environment!
See what you can do:
• Turn the tap off while brushing your teeth
• Shorten your bath time
• Collect rainwater, you can use it to water your plants

Corner for the plants! It warms the heart of our planet
Author: Łukasz Majerowski

Nature has already done so much for you, so now you can reciprocate! Share your space and create a corner for the plants at home which may become a place where bees are welcome.  Bee smart, bee eco!
• Select honey-producing balcony plants
• Do not use chemicals
• Create a shelter for bees

There you go! A sound mind in a sound world!
Author: Dawid Ryski

Get your body in motion. This will make you feel better and healthier. We guarantee that the world is so much more amazing from the perspective of a bike, rollers or a scooter. And if you have a choice, offer your neighbours shared rides to work. You can be sure you will stay positive for the whole day!
• Pick urban transport instead of the car
• Replace air transport with train trips
• Change diesel car into an electric car

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