Past event
May 25, 2024

Culinary workshops for adults with Dominik Czeronek

Ravioli with asparagus and goat cheese and Breton lemon cake

Saturday 25 May at 4:30 PM

We invite for our unique culinary workshops run by Dominik Czeronek who is well-known from the MasterChef TV show. This is a unique occasion to discover the secrets of making of two exquisite dishes under the watchful eye of the kitchen chef: ravioli with stuffing made from asparagus and goat cheese and Breton lemon dessert, thus, crunchy lemon cake with lemon-orange curd and cream.


  • Ravioli with asparagus and goat cheese stuffing is an exquisite dish of Italian cuisine that surprises with its balanced combination of tastes. Delicate and hand-made ravioli filled with juicy asparagus and goat cheese constitutes a perfect solution for the fans of sophisticated tastes.

  • Breton lemon dessert is a true feast for the taste buds, combining freshness of lemons and delicate nature of the crunchy cake. Lemon-orange curd served with gentle cream forms a combination that is truly mouth-watering, leaving us with unforgettable memories.

What will you gain through participation in the workshops?

  • Unforgettable master culinary experience: Dominik Czeronek will guide you through the process of preparing these unique dishes, sharing his knowledge and experience with you.

  • Culinary skills at the top level: You will discover the techniques of preparing high-class desserts which you will easily introduce in your kitchen.

  • Practical experience: You will spend time in an inspiring atmosphere, learning from a true expert in the fields of culinary adventures.

* Number of places is limited. We encourage you to enrol quickly!
Join us and learn from true experts!

Cost of attendance: PLN 129** (price valid until 24.05 at 3.00 p.m.)

See you in Między Stołami!

** Ticket price may be increased by the service charge.

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