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Między Stołami (In between tables)

is a space in the form of a culinary studio located at Aleja Bielany.

Are you looking for a good place to organize a conference, company meeting, workshops (not only culinary) or a photo-session? Visit us in between tables!

We offer almost 90 sqm, fashionably designed interior, adequate for all types of meetings.

Call us at +48 518 250 998 or write to us at kontakt@miedzystolami.com

Rent our studio for:

• company meeting
• conference
• culinary workshop or DIY
• photo session
• advertisement spots
• streaming
• event
• …or an event tailored to your needs.

The following amenities may be found inside:

workshop zone

with seven full spacious work stations ideal for both individual participants and couples. The zone is fully equipped in devices and kitchen accessories, induction cooktops, ovens, blenders, coffee machines etc.

relaxation zone

stylishly designed, perfect for more and less formal conversations. Designed and organized with care and attention to every single details. It may fulfil the function of a filming and photographing plan. Possibility of adjusting light scenes will be an additional benefit in case of studio productions.

conference zone

is fully equipped in audio equipment, sound system, projector and flexible space for discussions with 24 comfortable chairs and a specially designated WIFI network. If you need more privacy than this - you may put down automatically-controlled curtains.

Our guests are our best friends!

Do you need support in organizing your meeting?Call us at +48 518 250 998 or write to us at kontakt@miedzystolami.com

Photoreports from our workshops: