A table

- noun, <<furniture piece consisting of a tabletop supported by table legs which mainly serves the purpose of consumption>>  

między stołami

- in between tables

In między stołami
we strive to prove that 
it is so much more than just that.

What is między stołami?

What a table is, everyone can see. It’s not about how the tables look like but rather, what happens in between them. między stołami is a meeting spot, a place of discovering and tasting life, a journey through what's new, sharing what's already been discovered.

między stołami is a place for us: winners, conquerors, passionates but, above all, all our friends as our main goal is to share. We share all that's unique, fleeting, the knowledge, experience, memories, all that we can share. Here and now. As usual, by the table everything is diverse. Not everything and not always is about food, even if we are in fact carrying out culinary workshops.

We experiment, discover

między stołami
is a place for conquerors and experiment lovers, a place which is close and only seemingly lies outside our comfort zone.

między stołami satisfies and awards us with its diversity and that's how it should be perceived.

You will find everything you wished for in here. Each topic of discussions, each idea and fascination. między stołami contains it all, starting with food, through music, workshops and ending with Iranian road movies. 

między stołami is, above all, a common experience, thus, follow our events or organize one yourself.

discussion zone

Our discussion zone enables relaxation, discussions, exchanges of ideas. It is a space in which you may prepare yourself for the workshops or, simply, appreciate the beauty of it and its cosy interior.

idea exchange zone

Workshops? Discussions? Sharing a movie or a game? You will find space for all this in the idea exchange zone. Here, we also get the taste of our culinary journeys.

cooperation zone

It is the beating heart of między stołami. Here, "things will happen”, new tastes will appear, experiences will be built. Cooperation zone may become a perfect place to organize culinary workshops but also we may adjust it to other goals related to individual as well as group work.


Our guests are our friends.

między stołami is a place that we create together. It is a community of  people who are in search of inspirations, meetings, thought exchanges. 

People who like to learn new things and seek new experiences.

And all in a place with enough space

to be yourself.

In case of any questions please contact us at +48 518 250 998.