We’re pleased to announce the start of our cooperation with FOOD THINK TANK!

The FOOD THINK TANK collective and the między stołami (Between the Tables) space constitute a delicious combination of unique approach to culinary art and a comfortable meeting place.

Do you want to organise an exceptional culinary event for your loved ones? Are you looking for an idea for the integration of your team? Are you planning a unique company event? We can organise all of them for you!

This will allow you to meet in a comfortable and fully equipped space, which provides almost infinite opportunities of exploring new tastes and aromas. The FOOD THINK TANK experts will take you on an unforgettable culinary journey that will be full of new experiences and great fun.

The type of workshops is limited only by your imagination! It can be a shortened Sommelier course, a joint exploration of African cuisine, as well as an experimental event, which engages all the senses in an exceptional manner.

At między stołami, we are eager to gain new experiences and we would like to encourage you to explore new tastes.

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ABOUT FOOD THINK TANK: it is a group of professionals from many disciplines, focused on the joint process of education and development. They take the richness of perspectives on thinking about food, and they transform it into a joint effect, which is used in a responsible manner. Above all, it is a group of enthusiasts with an open and unique approach to the culinary field, who consider cooking to be an art. 
www: foodthinktank.pl


Would you like to get more information?
Call us at 533 999 348 or write to us at the following address: miedzystolami@foodthinktank.pl