Diverse Youth

We asked high school students from 5 various countries, who go to 12 Wrocław schools, what multiculturalism means to them and what challenges the contemporary youth is facing in the scope of diversity.

As a result, we have received a sincere voice of the young generation, which wants to achieve dialogue regardless of divisions, as well as equal opportunities and understanding of people, irrespective of their appearance or country of origin. Subsequently, we have turned this voice into an image.

This resulted in a creation of the "Diverse Youth”exhibition, which constitutes an expression of support from young people for all of those, who feel discriminated against and excluded.

Furthermore, this is also a reminder that everyone, regardless of age, views, gender or religion, is searching for the same thing - a sense of security and its own place on earth.

Richness of diversity

Get to know our participants:

I come from Ukraine, however a lot of my inspiration originates from the culture of the East. It is my belief that we can find inspiring philosophies of life even in the farthest corners of the world. The truth is in me, I just have to listen to myself.

I learn about complete and unconditional acceptance from animals, because they love us regardless of nationality, skin colour or age. The most important thing is that WE ARE THERE FOR THEM.

Some people say that women are the weaker sex, but I run a gardening business with my mom, although sometimes it's a very hard work. In my opinion, women have enormous strength, and they just have to believe in it.

It was always said in my home in Russia that kindness to people is like water to plants. Therefore, it makes you bloom. My goal is to spread respect and openness to other people in Poland.

Life is a journey. Therefore, each of us has his/her own baggage of experiences and history, including family and national history. Our path is the thing that makes each of us exceptional.

Although I was born in Ukraine, I live in Poland and I plan to study in France. Moreover, maybe I will live in Rio de Janeiro in the future. If we keep our head open, then the world is also open.

We are coming of age, and in adulthood women often have to face a glass ceiling. I dream of a world, in which everyone has equal opportunities in achieving success.

Due to the fact that my parents are engineers from Egypt, I lived there for 11 years. Currently, Poland is my second home and I believe that it’s possible to have two homelands. Colours of the Egyptian flag also include white and red.

Standing out from the group may be difficult. There were times when people made negative comments about my active involvement in social and multicultural initiatives. I wish myself as well as others more acceptance and support for young people, who engage in building of a diverse community.

I am aware of many stereotypes about redheads. This colour makes me different, however also exceptional. In the entire world, only 1.5% of people have red hair and I wouldn't change it to any other colour.

The sounds have no nationality and they connect people from various countries. I play in a rock band, so for me music is a language that overcomes divisions.

I came to Poland from Ukraine, so I know very well what it means to adapt to a new place. I’m very glad when Poles understand that it’s not easy to learn a new language and rules. We are neighbours, so I would like for us to create a real community.

Very often I've heard that I look like a tomboy and that I shouldn't wear men's clothes. However, clothes have no gender and I can wear any outfits that make me feel good.

Due to my Egyptian roots, I have a darker skin colour than my friends. However, we are equal despite the fact that we look different. Everyone comes from somewhere, and our appearance is just the heritage of our ancestors.

A basic need of every human being is the sense of security. Despite the fact that we are different, the search for our own safe place on earth is something that connects us.

Honorary Patronage:

Honorary Patronage of the Mayor of Wroclaw