Past event
Nov 25, 2023

Sweet dinner - cheese plum dumplings

Culinary workshops for children

Saturday 25 November at 01:00 pm (7-11 years)

We invite the children for our unique culinary workshops where we will indulge into the sweet world of traditional Polish dishes. Together we will prepare delicious cheese plum dumplings which for many of us are a perfect dessert (and even the main dinner dish)!

Why plum dumplings? Cheese plum dumplings are a mixture of delicate cheese, dough and sweet-sour plum which melts in the mouth. Such dishes bring back holiday and family home memories.

What can we expect?

  • Children will step by step prepare the meal for themselves and for their parent.

  • We will discover how to prepare the dough for dumplings and how to select the right plums.

  • We will reveal the secrets of traditional Polish desserts.

  • We will carry out joint tasting, playing and discovering various flavours!

What we provide:

  • All necessary ingredients and kitchen accessories.

  • Recipe for cheese plum dumplings for the children to take home with them.

  • Beverages and snacks for the participants.

Workshops for children between 7 and 11 years of age. Duration: 70-90 minutes.
Children should be under supervision of their parent or guardian during the workshops.

The number of entries is limited. Please make sure you register before the event.
Cost of attendance: PLN 59 (price valid until 24.11 at 3.00 p.m.)
Free entry for the guardians!

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