Past event
2024년 2월 17일

Culinary workshops for adults with Dominik Czeronek

Saturday 17 February at 4:30 PM

We invite for our culinary workshops run by Dominik Czeronek who is well-known from the MasterChef show. This will be a unique opportunity to discover the secrets of preparing two dishes of this master chef: Linguine Pistachio pasta and tartlets with roasted almond cream and Chantilly.


  • Linguine Pistachio Pasta is an Italian cuisine dish which is appreciated due to its simplicity and profoundness of flavour. The combination of delicate linguine pastas with an intense pistachio aroma is a true quintessence of Italian approach to food - maximum flavour with minimum number of components. This dish, originates from the southern part of Italy, particular from the region of Sicily where pistachio are uniquely appreciated.

  • Tartlets with roasted almond cream and Chantilly is a dessert which is rooted in the French confectionery tradition. Delicate, crispy tartlets’ bottoms filled with a rich almond cream with a light and puffy whipped cream and Chantilly finish. This combination will pamper up the tastebuds of any gourmet.

What will you gain through participation in the workshops?

  • Culinary skills: The participants will learn how to prepare sophisticated dishes thanks to which they will become the star of any meeting or official supper.

  • Culinary techniques: You will discover the techniques of preparing high-class pastas and desserts which you will easily introduce in your kitchen.

  • Unforgettable sensations: You will spend your time in unique atmosphere, surrounded by cooking enthusiasts, sharing with them your passion for cooking.

* Number of places is limited. We encourage you to enrol quickly!
Join us and learn from true experts!

Cost of attendance: PLN 129** (price valid until 16.02 at 3.00 p.m.)

See you in Między Stołami!

** Ticket price may be increased by the service charge.

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