We are preparing presents for the Grandmas and Grandpas

We invite everyone for our workshops – both for children and adults – during the workshops, everyone will be able to prepare a unique present for their Grandma and Grandpa single-handedly!

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Bouquets for Grandmas and Grandpas

20 and 21 January (Thursday, Friday) – Floral workshops for children and adults

For the second time, we invite everyone to join our floral workshops with Sisters' Garden
This time, you will find out how to make your own bouquet or flower mug.

Unique flower pieces from fresh flowers will be a perfect gift for your Grandma and Grandpa. For the youngest participants we have prepared activities where they will be able, together with their guardians or grandparents, creatively spend time making gifts in our decorative mugs.

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Free workshops for children

22 January (Saturday) – Free workshops for children

Hand-made presents prepared by grandchildren are the best surprise for the grandparents! Join our free gift-making activities the fruits of which will be handed over by the children to their Grandmas and Grandpas for their celebration day!

We have organized three groups:
11.00 - 12.30
13.30 - 15.00
16.00 - 17.30

What will we be doing?
Every child assisted by our animators will create two gifts for their Grandma and Granddad: decorating a wooden heart with the use of decoupage method and painting a mug with special ceramics paints. 

The workshops will be held in the Między Stołami zone.

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