Hi! Where are you from?
It’s not important if you came here by plane or on foot; if you came from very far away or from a neighbouring street; if you going to stay longer or just for a while; if you’re just getting to know the world or feel like its citizen. We encourage you to visit FOROOM!

Check what is happening in FOROOM:

Young diversity trainers

Work in a multi- cultural classroom

Free legal consultations

We are in pursuit of young diversity trainers!

If you would like to:

 skilfully cope with manifestations of hate, exclusion and discrimination in your environment; 
 learn something about mediation and effective communication techniques;
 grasp knowledge from the world-known science, culture and sport personalities; 
 get the taste of the profession of the future – Diversity and Integration Trainer;
 obtain a grant for the realization of your own project 

..and all this in a multi-cultural team...

Join us!

Who is a diversity trainer?

It's a person who is an expert in shaping positive interactions in a multi-cultural environment and who passes on positive patterns of group cooperation despite differences, becoming a leader in the fight against prejudices and inequalities.


 You live in Wrocław or in the Kobierzyce commune, 
 You are between 15 and 18 years old, 
 You are interested in multi-cultural experience, 
 You have the will and the energy to change the world for better

We are looking for you!

Work in a multi-cultural classroom

Work in a multi-cultural classroom

The FREYA Foundation and Aleja Bielany invite all teachers of primary schools to participate in a free-of-charge course “Working in a multi-cultural classroom”.

The course consists of the following modules:

● Pupil with migration experience: from educational law to practical school preparation

● Psychological aspects of migration: crucial in the work of every teacher and educator

● Integration of multi-cultural class teams

● School versus multi-cultural challenges

● Supporting role of a teacher teaching foreign pupils

Free legal consultations

Free legal consultations

Organiser: Foundation UKRAINE

Free legal consulting in the scope of migration issues, including among others: consultation on labour law, civil law, administrative law, family law.

No appointments - the order of arrival is decisive.

Fridays, 4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.


What is FOROOM?

FOROOM constitutes a place of extraordinary meetings. What type of meetings? Inspirational, energising and multicultural meetings! Moreover, it is a space for exchanging ideas, sharing experiences and life stories - all of this in an international company!

This place allows everyone, regardless of nationality, to participate in creative workshops that offer an insight into various cultures, language courses and clubs, meetings and cultural events, as well as allows to obtain legal assistance in the scope of migration issues. 

We encourage younger and older generations to participate! The programme of activities at FOROOM will be updated on an ongoing basis, so that everyone can find something for themselves. 

Each of us is a newcomer at some point. Thus, let's meet at the forum! :)

Where is FOROOM located?

It is located on the first floor of Aleja Bielany, near the central entrance, right next to the dance academy called ”Akademia Tańca ESENS”.


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