Gatuniaki Animals

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Gatuniaki Animals

Gatuniaki Animals constitute a collection of 12 toys - animals.

They are erasers - you can use them to erase your drawings. Remember that used erasers disappear over time - just like many endangered species. Let's save them before they disappear! They are also toys that will be enjoyed by your children.

Most of all, they represent 12 endangered species of animals - more exotic ones, as well as those located in our area - that are disappearing from our planet.

Hippo Potamus
Elephant Phant
Gorilla Rilla
Chimpanzee Panzee
Kangaroo Garoo
Koala Ala
Hedgehog Hog
Bee E
Whale Ale
Shark Ark
Dolphin Phin
Turtle Urtle

Campaign rules

Collect all Gatuniaki Animals. See how you can do it!

1) Shop in any store at Aleja Bielany for a minimum amount of 50 PLN during the term of the campaign. The receipts for lower amounts can be combined. 

2) Present the proof of purchase at the Gatuniaki Campaign Service Point. Here you can find its exact location.

3) For each 50 PLN spent, you will receive one sticker. Collect your stickers in the Collector's Card, which you will receive at the Campaign Service Point.

4) Collect any five stickers in order to get the chosen animal.

5) For subsequent purchases, you can receive more Gatuniaki Animals.

Details of this promotion can be found in the regulations and at the campaign point.
The number of prizes is limited.

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Sheldrick Wildlife Trust - logo

Our support

The owner of Aleja Bielany - Ingka Centres donated 40 000 PLN to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, which works to protect the elephants. This subsidy will allow to provide food for 200 elephants for 1 year. 

Here you will find all the information concerning the activities of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. 

Moreover, as part of this campaign, we carry out educational activities that are intended to increase awareness of the threat to the lives of many animal species.

Why Gatuniaki Animals?


Our common vision at IKEA inspires us to create better conditions for the everyday lives of many people. In our opinion, this life is better when it is sustainable. Therefore, we want to contribute and use our meeting places to have a positive impact on people, communities and our planet. We believe that this can be achieved by balancing economic growth and positive social impact, along with the protection and restoration of the environment.

As a result, we always think in the long-term perspective, in order to meet the current needs of people, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

The Gatuniaki campaign matches our strategy consisting of caring for people and the planet.

Biodiversity – it means all animals and plants on our planet, as well as the ecosystems that create their habitats, i.e. places in which the animals live. Biodiversity demonstrates that together we are one big puzzle: if one or more puzzles are missing, then it won’t be possible to complete the entire picture.

Why is biodiversity so important?

It has crucial impact on the life on our planet and makes sure that we are healthy and safe, feel good, as well as have enough to eat. It helps everyone and everything without exception: plants to grow, animals to develop, protects against floods, ensures clean water and fresh air. During the last 100 years, humans have contributed to the disappearance of 83% of all wild mammals and half of the plant species. The manner in which we grow food, generate energy, dispose of garbage, as well as the fact that we do not save water or electricity – all of this results in the fact that we destroy the natural balance.



As part of the Gatuniaki campaign, we created a special educational book on endangered species of animals for children. You can receive it as part of the campaign. Here you can find its digital version.

Frequently asked questions

Check out the answers to frequently asked questions here.


The campaign regulations are available here.
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