Enjoy reasonable shopping


More and more people have discovered the benefits and joys stemming from consumption in line with the principles of sustainable development.  There are many different ways to have a more sustainable clothing closet. This year, we will focus on reasonable shopping and how to become better for our planet while at the same time enjoying the shopping spree of Black Friday. All it takes is to apply several simple rules!

On top of this, we will invite you to our workshops where you will learn how to breathe a second life into your old clothes! Details below.

Do you have things at home that no longer suit you or haven’t been used for a while? Instead of throwing them out you can now fix them or give them a second life! During our workshops, we will be happy to present ways of giving old items a new life.

Furniture from scratch

16 and 23 November at 5:00 pm

Would you like to personalize your furniture item? During the workshops, we will create unique accessories for your interior in an easy and hand-made fashion. As part of upcycling we will be using second-hand furniture items and striving to give them a brand new character.


Eco-rugs. Weaving workshops

19 November at 5:00 pm 

Weaving experience not required! :) During the workshops, you will learn how to rip apart a knit and tie it back together in order to obtain a long string. Every participant will leave the workshops with a round rug which will surely be suitable in a room or bathroom.


Reflection of plants

17 and 22 November at 5:00 pm

Reflections of plants on fabrics, bags, pillowcases or T-shirts with the use of permanent paints for fabrics is a perfect solution for their new, refreshed look! Unique, natural and beautiful fern or ivy reflections will be an ornament of every material, turning even the most worn out bags into new-looking ones.


Boho decorations

24 November at 5:00 pm

A decoration in boho style to be placed on a wall is a unique way to give your jeans a "second life”. Jeans feathers, corals hanging on an Oder river tree twig with visible traces of nature and time...

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