client card moja aleja

Clients of Aleja Bielany may avail of attractive discounts and promotions offered by some shops located in our centre without having to present any loyalty cards or carry them with them! All thanks to the latest, free of charge shopping application - goodie.

How to get the card MOJA ALEJA?

All you need to do is download a free shopping application goodie from Google Play store or App Store. Once it is launched, click on “cards” icon, select MOJA ALEJA card and proceed as per the instructions.

MOJA ALEJA card may also be set up during your visit at Aleja Bielany. All it takes is to visit our INFO point - our personnel will assist you in getting through the process of registration, replying to all the questions that may bother you.

What will you get out of MOJA ALEJA card?

Thanks to MOJA ALEJA card you will get permanent access to our special offers, promotions and events organized in the centre. You will also gain the possibility of adding shops and occasions  that are of interest to you to your favourites.

You can use MOJA ALEJA card any time - it is available 24/7 in your phone and its registration takes less than a minute.


Do I have to carry the card with me?
No. You can easily register the card in our free shopping application goodie. MOJA ALEJA card doesn't take a lot of room in a purse - you don't have to carry it with you though - you can always have it in your phone.

Do I have to collect points?
No - thanks to MOJA ALEJA card all the offers and benefits are available straight away. You do not have to gather the points for years. All it takes is for you to get a card and all the offers and promotions will be at your disposal.

Will this be visible on my phone?
If you have a smartphone with Android 4.1 or iOS 9.0 system of newer- everything will work smoothly for you.

What will I get out of it?
Cheaper shopping, attractive offers, information about the latest events and many other additional  benefits. All details may be found in the goodie application.

Do all shops in Aleja Bielany use the goodies application?
Only selected shops participate in the programme Moja Aleja. Their number changes in time as some offers are of parament nature while others are temporary. Thus, a current list of all offers may always be found in goodies - under Client Card MOJA ALEJA.