Openness to emotions

In the framework of assistance in overcoming psychological issues which may be experienced by children from the poorest or violent families as a result to the introduced isolation, Aleja Bielany along with several specialists from NGOs: Aid Association ISKIERKA and the Foundation PozyTYwka prepared the programme “OPENNESS TO EMOTIONS”. During the workshops organized in the course of the programme, children and their parents learnt, among other things, how to talk about their feelings.

The following classes were conducted during the workshops:
· social therapy,
· sensory art,
· robotics,
· dog therapy.

Interested parents had an opportunity to attend parenting workshops “No smacks: how to designate boundaries for your child with love and respect”.

All the classes helped its attendees become more self-conscious of the feelings and needs, helping them to reduce emotional pressures and teaching them how to concentrate on the solutions. The parents, on the other hand, learnt how to broaden their parenting skills and bring up children without violence.

Under the programme “OPENESS TO EMOTIONS” two unique children stories about emotions were created.


The programme “OPENNESS TO EMOTIONS” was also supported by IKEA Wrocław which belongs to Ingka Group. IKEA passed the equipment and educational materials onto the foundations which turned out to be very useful during the conducted therapies.

Support form Programme realization was granted by the Department of Social Affairs of the City Office of Wrocław, which considered the initiative of Aleja Bielany a uniquely important from the social and healthcare perspective project supporting children and the youth as well as their parents.

To sum up, more than 150 hours of creative workshops and social-therapeutic classes were realized, which were attended by... almost 90 participants!